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Atmosphere and Numark present..

We, Atmosphere, are proud to present an exclusive evening of entertainment and demonstrations in conjunction with Numark.

The evening will take place on Thursday, 8th June 2006 in Tiger Tiger Aberdeen - Aberdeen�s landmark bar, club and Grill, starting at 6:30pm. All are Welcome! (entry to club is free)

Numark Products

The sound of Numark has been present in scratches, breaks, and beats for more than 30 years, and by their own admission they are "obsessed with designing equipment that meets the individual need of every DJ."

What Gear?

  • Especially for those interested in VDJ'ing, there will be a demo of a package for you, package consists:

Numark VDJ Package

  • a Professional DVD Player (DVD01)
  • an Audio/Video Mixer (AVM01)
  • a 3 screen/6 input LCD video display monitor (VM03)
  • more gear to see:
  • A Dual CD Player (HDCD1) - The HDCD1 is a rack-mountable dual CD player with built-in hard drive, capable of storing an entire DJ collection
  • A CDX Premium Direct Drive CD Turntable (CDX) - The CDX is designed to fulfill the dream of harnessing digital sound with the irreplaceable feel of working with vinyl.
  • AXIS 9 Tabletop CD Player - Featuring an enhanced interface that employs a touch-sensitive scratch wheel, the AXIS 9 delivers incredible response.
  • KMX01 Karaoke DJ Station (KMX01) - the KMX01 features dual CD+G drives with an integrated mixer and is the perfect all-in-one solution for DJs and clubs to add Karaoke to their entertainment mix.
  • CDN88 Professional CD Player (CDN88)
  • .. and more

Who's There

As well as some of the familiar Atmosphere faces, Ruari, Linda, Bryan, Owen et al.. there will be a couple of Numark "gurus" available to answer your questions and demonstrate the gear. We are sure that Barry and Damon will have as much fun as you by being there on the Night.

Too, some guest appearances are scheduled, including DJ A'la Fu, and Siev.

more info..

Tiger Tiger provide a map showing how to find them and their menu is also on their front page should you decide to have something to eat, and if you fancy a drink that night there is a "Happy '3' Hours" from 6pm-9pm!

Look forward to seeing you all there!!